From time to time I like to publish a good “you changed my life” letter and this was 100% written by a very happy student…

Hi Doc, 

I started reading your articles back in 2006, but I was young and stupid and did not buy your book until 2011.  After years of failed relationships, heartbreak, wasted time, money, and emotion, I put my ego aside and realized that I needed real help. 

Your book and radio shows changed my life. 

I’m a fairly good looking guy.  I’m confident, have a good job, am a gentleman, and a have a golden retriever.  But I went through life dating whoever I found attractive and happened to like me back without much thought to anything else.  You showed me how I could raise my standards and what qualities I needed to find to make a lasting happy relationship.  

I had confidence down, but you taught me the importance of (self) CONTROL and CHALLENGE

Thanks to The System, I found the love of my life.  We met at the young adult group at my church.  Prior to learning your System, instead of asking for her number, I would have hung out around her for a few months hoping to get a hint whether or not she liked me first before maybe asking her to “hang out.”  Instead, I confidently asked for her number, waited 7 days, asked her out, and won her over with charm and confidence in person on the date.  

Also, before learning The System, I would have texted her in between dates.  My (now) wife says that it drove her nuts in between dates that I didn’t text her, but at the same time, she loved it.  She says not texting told her that I was secure in my self and that I had a life of my own.  Also, it added MYSTERY.  Let me be clear, I am NOT a naturally mysterious man.  But this simple bit of self-control made me seem like a mysterious man, which upped her Interest Level

Also, she was ready to say the “L” word after about 4 months of dating, but I didn’t give in.  I saved it for the day I proposed.  She says that because I waited to say it at such an important time and made her wait, that made her respect me even more. 

Additionally, I never pushed the physical boundaries of the relationship.  We discussed our boundaries early and established that sex is for marriage.  The fact that I didn’t just say it and had the self-CONTROL to do it, made her respect and love me even more. 

Also, she thinks my corny jokes are hilarious. (They aren’t that funny, but she thinks they are.)  Humor, as you say, is absolutely the GLUE of our relationship. 

On top of all of this, she is a flexible giver.  Every morning she wakes up and makes my morning cappuccino and breakfast while I get dressed for work even though she doesn’t have to get up for another 2 hours.  She lets me lead and actively wants to learn more about the things I am interested in, even if it’s something she never had previous interest in, like football and baseball. 

Not to mention, she is absolutely drop dead gorgeous.  If we have daughters, I am going to have to keep an eye on them and train them to only date “System” guys. 

Coming from a family with a strong history of divorce, I am confident in saying that I will be the one who breaks the chain.  I am confident in this because of two things:  my faith and the “System.” 

I may have been able to find her, but I never would have been able to KEEP her without you, Jeff, and the “System.” 

Once again, THANK YOU. 


Austin, TX


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6 Responses to DATING WOMEN ADVICE FOR GUYS: You Changed My Life

  1. avatar Brian says:

    Doc Love, we need more of these ‘you changed my life’ stories posted on this site and not just mentioned during the radio show. For me, they really help me to motivate myself to continue reading and following the System.

    One of these a month would be great.

    One of these a week would be awesome!

  2. avatar Forza says:

    Wow, sounds like he has quite a keeper here — good for him!! He used The System and is now receiving a big payout!! It’s true that you reap what you sow.

  3. avatar Johnson says:

    Doc, I owe my entire life to you. Different story for a different day. But I came to say this: Doc, your columns look very sleek and modern and stylish on, but your website here needs a facelift! You can get beautiful WordPress themes for free for for under $40!

    You’re different than all of the other dating and relationship and pick up artist experts out there. You’ve said it before and I sincerely believe it, that there’s some sort of divine providence at play here, that you were put on this earth for this purpose, to save families and especially for the children/future generations. Most great men aren’t valued in their time, but without a doubt, your legacy will live on in the lives of countless men who will pass on this knowledge to their sons and so on. You need more disciples Doc! Who will carry this on when you pass the torch? Jeff is a young man of 25, right?

    Hey Doc, what do you think about this explosion of YouTube videos of guys picking up women with the most ridiculous lines in the most ridiculous costumes, like Simple Pickup? They were even on ABC news videotaped picking up women in the park in New York. They charge $40 a month for their service, hah! Oh if only they knew they could get the real stuff here for a 1/4 of that. See it’s easy to get a girl’s number and go on a few dates. Like you say Doc, it’s easy to get a girl to fall in love with us, but it’s hard to get them to stay in love with us. So they never have anything long-lasting, meaningful, and fulfilling. Just short-term and empty and hallow. Like a seed that sprouts up quickly, but then quickly dies in the sun, having no root. I want Miss Right, and she’s worth a thousand nights with a thousand different women. Empty and hallow. It’s funny how people gobble up the cheap stuff, like fast food, full of empty calories and it’s filling, but there’s no nutrition there. And people eat up this pick up artist stuff, wanting a quick fix, “Oh just tell me what to say!”, and the truth, like The System, has critics and unbelievers and naysayers. The real truth and the believers are almost always in the minority, and are hated and called radicals or crazy, like how they treated the early Christians I suppose. Or those who said the earth was round. Or those who said tobacco was bad for you or something. No other expert comes close to you Doc, you’re in a league of your own. The System has a simplicity and an incredible depth like the Gospels, funny enough. I don’t mean to make so many parallels but I can’t think of a better example! Simple language and pictures and parables, and Doc you write in a way that the simplest can understand, and yet the most advanced minds can take something more significant out of. When I read quotes by Sal “The Fish” Love, they may seem simple, but they actually have incredible depth. Anyway I’ve written way too much here, and I’ve got to force myself to stop or this could go on forever. Doc, I owe you my life, I love ya!

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