3 Tips For Speed Dating Success

  Venic Beach Doc Love New Article Jeff   12/14/14   Keep this message at the top of your inbox   To: doclove@doclove.com, Eddy Salomon jbilet@neo.rr.com Guys,  Please let me know what you think  Thanks  3 Tips For Speed Dating SuccessSo you’ve decided to delve into the world of speed dating, eh?  I should explain what it is and then we’ll get into 3 great tips to make it a successful experience for you.

If you live in a bigger, urban area (usually tough to get it going in smaller towns) you should find a number of events – just search for “speed dating events in <fill in your area> – then you should see the ones that match your age range and are within your geographic location.

The basics of it are there are usually 15-30 men and women in a restaurant/bar.  The women sit in the tables in pretty much a circle around the venue and then the guys have 3-8 minutes to talk to the ladies before some kind of sounder goes off and they have to move (usually clockwise) to the next table/lady.  It kind of reminds you of organized musical chairs with the added pressure of trying to attract strangers – bonus!

All kidding aside, I like it a lot because you know that since there’s usually a fee (nominal – like $30-$50) the women there are serious about meeting someone – or at least certainly more well-qualified as potential dates than random women you might meet at a bar on a given night.

You all usually get name tags with your first name and a number – so Doc 43 might meet Caprice 34.  At the end of the night if I liked Caprice 34 I’ll write it down on my sheet and turn it into the organizer of the event.  If Caprice 34 did the same then they’ll email (typically email) each other’s contact information and then you’re off and running – you have made a potential connection.

Now that you have the basics, let’s get into my 3 tips for speed dating success.

3 Tips For Speed Dating Success#1:  Scout It Out

Unless you’re super familiar with the venue don’t leave anything to chance – either arrive early or make it a point to go before the event.  Why?  It’s going to be nerve-wracking enough to meet 15-30 strangers – you don’t want to add being clueless about the place you’re at to the mix.  You want to throw off an air of confidence and being comfortable in your surroundings can really help.  Also, during your 3-8 minutes with her, how cool would it be to point out something unique about the place?  Yeah – you’ll set yourself apart!

3 Tips For Speed Dating Success#2:  Dressing The Part/Acting The Part

It would be great if you could check out a speed dating event BEFORE yours – if you don’t have time for this because your event is coming up too quickly, I understand, but seeing how other guys dress would be very helpful – and then you make sure to dress a notch above them.  At the very least dress up that night – nice shirt, nice slacks – look like the type of guy that she’d want to meet and stand out from the other dudes competing with you that night.

Remember, with 3-8 minutes you won’t have much time to showcase your personality – you have to hit hard on the physical attraction so look as SHARP as possible and make sure you stand out from the other guys – or at least match the other dudes in their GQ posture.

Now, just because you don’t have much time to talk to her be bright, lively and funny – take control of the conversation by asking her something about what she does or what she’d do if she won the lottery and REALLY LISTEN TO HER.  Most guys will be so nervous that they’ll be blurting anything out trying to get her to write their name down – basically they’ll keep throwing things against the wall and hope they stick.

Not you – you’re going to look good, you’re going to smile and you’re going to ask her an intelligent question or two and really listen to her – remember that you need to show her in 3-8 minutes how nice it would be to be out with you.

Oh, and it goes without saying not to get sloppy drunk – a few cocktails are okay to loosen up but if you’re slurring with your tie at half-mast by girl 22 then you probably aren’t inspiring her to write your name down.

3 Tips For Speed Dating Success#3:  CLOSE The Deal

Normally in the dating relationship education course I teach (called THE SYSTEM) I tell guys to wait 5-9 days to call so you build CHALLENGE but in this case you want to wait not more than 2 days to reach out to her after getting her contact information (the women you do succeed with that is) because you’re still a stranger to her and you only got 3-8 minutes in.  It’s important to set up a date with her as soon as you can (without being desperate).  The important thing is to turn the “speed date” into a “real date.”

If you want more dating advice to help you with all those real dates following your speed dates go ahead and take an instant 7-day FREE trial to my hyper-popular Doc Love Club.  When you take that 7-day FREE Trial  you’ll have access to over 90 hours of audio and more articles like this but for members only!  As a special BONUS I’ll give you 8 FREE CHAPTERS to my SYSTEM AUDIO BOOK as a thanks for test driving The Doc Love Club.

What do YOU think?  Don’t be shy – let me know below!

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12/24 SHOW LIVE WEDNESDAY AT 5:00 P.M. PT / 8:00 P.M. ET

…CALL ME FOR FREE COACHING (get the #’s on the link above)



Hey Doc,

I’ve read many of your columns (which I really enjoy) and I’m coming to you for some coaching.

I’m a 31-year old guy who recently moved to a new city. I currently work from home, so I got on a dating site to try and meet someone. Within a few days I found a 21-year-old single mom by the name of Aubreigh. We hit it off and I asked for her number. She told me that she’s too busy for a traditional boyfriend-girlfriend relationship because she can’t dedicate the time to it. But she said she was willing to be casual but also exclusive. I agreed to this — Aubreigh is beautiful and I’m willing to be patient. There was a lot of romantic tension in the texts she sent me and it was clear that she had some needs that she wanted to have met.

We made plans to go to a music festival, but got sidetracked and she agreed to come over to my place and we got very romantic with each other. There is an amazing chemistry between us. We share each other’s humor and physically things were fantastic. She agreed to meet my friends and we ended up going to the festival together anyway, where we held hands and shared a kiss. She said she wants to see me more often than she thought she did originally.


Aubreigh and I text quite often — I believe she’s too busy for phone calls, and I make offers to take her to dinner and to go out and do things with her, but she usually has to decline due to work, school, or being a parent. She shares pictures with me, but doesn’t reply to all of my messages. I want to keep Aubreigh’s Interest Level high, which is somewhat difficult because I work from home and she always knows where I am. I think she is very interested in me, and I don’t want to lose out on this girl. I want to go the distance with her. She knows how I feel, but I think I may not be enough of a Challenge to her. 

Doc, I would really appreciate your coaching while trying to navigate these waters. I don’t feel like looking for another partner and I am super-patient, but it’s tough to adjust to being less important than a girl’s busy schedule. How should I handle this thing?

Kemba – who wishes he worked somewhere else

If you don’t have THE SYSTEM then you should have it.  It is available in every format you could want…it’s all the same material – you have the choice of a book, electronic book or audio book:

Get the book here
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Hi Kemba, 

First of all, have you noticed the age difference between you and Aubreigh? Part of my job is to be an odds maker. You’re a 31-year-old guy. You should be going out with someone between the ages of 26 and 31 – someone your own age. When you’re dealing with an 18 to 22-year-old, you’re dealing with someone who isn’t completely grown up. I don’t like your odds here, Kemba. 

The second thing that you should have noticed is that Aubreigh has a baby. Who’s the father of this child? Does her ex-husband come around? Does he pay child support? Is Aubreigh legally divorced from this guy, whoever he is? You’ll have to meet him eventually, so he’s going to be in the picture when you fall in love with her – and it sounds like you already have. In other words, you’ve got these potentially HUGE problems down the road with Aubreigh, assuming everything goes well with her. So I’m here to warn you about the age factor and the baby factor and the ex factor, because it doesn’t appear that you’ve given them much thought. 


Why are you already exchanging romantic texts with this girl? You should be doing this only after four to six months of dating. Like my Uncle Jethro Love says, “This thing is movin’ too fast, boy!” 

Why did you get romantic with Aubreigh on the first date? You’re not supposed to have romantic interludes so quickly. This is way, way too fast, buddy. You have to find out what’s going on between this girl’s ears – that’s the most important thing in this relationship right now. And that means figuring out her ATTITUDE. We know she likes you, but you have to figure out what she’s about. Remember, she’s 10 years younger than you. 

When you finally made up your minds about the festival, you ended up doing the infamous group date. You’ve got Aubreigh meeting your friends when she hasn’t even asked you to be her boyfriend. Again, you’re going 100 miles per hour in a 25 miles per hour zone — like most guys. 

Now you and Aubreigh are texting all over the place. Dude, you’re communicating too much with this girl! You’re absolutely butchering Challenge here. If Aubreigh’s so busy with her life, you should SLOW DOWN and let her ask you out. Why are you so intent on asking her out when she’s got work, school and motherhood to deal with? Wait a couple of days and let her come to you. To you Psych majors, if she’s not replying to all of your messages, it means you’re sending her too many messages and you’re coming on too fast.  

You might worry about Aubreigh always knowing where you are, but you don’t have to pick the phone up. You don’t have to answer her texts. Duh. 

Kemba, it’s not that you’re not enough Challenge to Aubreigh, the problem is that you’re not ANY Challenge to her.  And how can you know that you want to go the distance with her when she’s really a complete stranger to you? Like my cousin Rabbi Love says, “By the time she’s 27 or 28, she’s going to be a completely different woman.” Right now she’s still a kid – even though she’s already had a kid. 

You’re not super patient, pal – your Interest Level is 95%. If your interest was 55%, you wouldn’t have any patience with Aubreigh. 

How should you handle her? Let her ask you out. When she wants to see you, she’ll ask you. When she wants to come over, she’ll come over. SO BACK OFF AND START USING CHALLENGE. 

Remember, guys: when she’s between 18 and 22, she’s not going to be the woman she’ll become later.


What do YOU think?  Don’t be shy – talk to me below.

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3 Ways To Be Better In Online Dating For Singles

Online dating for singles is becoming big because many of us have run out of time and are surrounded by devices that make it easy to connect with each other – you take those 2 factors and there you go – it’s time to find romance virtually.

What are the best ways to go about it?  How do you stand out from the millions online – how do you attract the one you want?

3 Ways To Be Better In Online Dating For Singles#1: Get TWO Professional Photographs

As Jerry Seinfeld once said, the first date is like a job interview that lasts all night long – so make sure that you are presenting the best image possible.  She flips through hundreds if not thousands of pictures and it takes less than a second to click through each one.  You’ll want a business-oriented pose and a more casual pose but you want a pro to do it.  If you’re worried about the expense then don’t – because if you can’t afford the professional photographs then it’s likely you can’t afford dating – you want to put your best out there so you attract the best.

3 Ways To Be Better In Online Dating For Singles#2:  Carpal Tunnel Is Not Needed

You want to banter with her back and forth on email so she’s comfortable but make it a max of 3-4 messages.  Anything more and you have a TIME WASTER on your hands who wants a virtual pen pal more than she wants a guy in her life.  One profile I read from a woman said:  “You can’t tell anything at all from internet pictures and I want to actually meet you soon so let’s not waste each other’s time with email.”  Bingo.

As I teach in my dating relationship education course called THE SYSTEM you always have to keep it light and funny with no heavy subjects or put downs.  This is especially true when it comes to online dating for singles – because it’s so easy to just ignore the person since you’ve never met each other.

Your whole object is to make her comfortable enough to meet you in the real world, which is the only place you can actually start building something anyway.

3 Ways To Be Better In Online Dating For Singles#3:  Get Out But Not For Long Though

She’s expecting this meeting in the real world to be a full on date but you’re going to be smarter than that.  First of all, you know nothing about her or even if her pictures are the most recent. What if you get there and you find she’s not what she looked like in photos and you’re immediately not attracted – do you really want to be committed to 3 hours and $100 on your Visa Card?

The better play, and this helps build MYSTERY and CHALLENGE (another thing I teach) if you do like her, is to keep it to an hour for a drink or a coffee at a nice place – that way you can spend enough time to see if you like each other but not too much that you’re stuck.  Also, the added bonus is that if she likes you, you’ll leave her wanting more.


If you want more dating advice go ahead and take an instant 7-day FREE trial to my hyper-popular Doc Love Club.  When you take that7-day FREE Trial you’ll have access to over 90 hours of audio and more articles like this but for members only!  As a special BONUS I’ll give you 8 FREE CHAPTERS to my SYSTEM AUDIO BOOK as a thanks for test driving The Doc Love Club.

What do YOU think?  Don’t be shy – let me know below!

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3 Tips For Successfully Dating Women In The 21st Century

Are women really that much different today from the ones your older relatives talked about when relating their dating women stories?  Listen I get that were in the era of instant status updates that can connect folks to a YouTube Channel that tells your life story in the span of a half hour but I’m here to tell you that human nature hasn’t changed in thousands of years and that when you’re looking for Ms. Right then you better keep in mind the 3 tips for successfully dating women in the 21st century below.

3 Tips For Successfully Dating Women In The 21st Century#1:  Forget Technology

I’m not saying go back to the days of smoke signals and Pony Express (Google that fellas – or recall back to your 5th grade history class – it’s where they used to deliver messages by horse) but you shouldn’t be technology-dependent.

I know it’s funny that I’m telling you to use less technology considering you’re reading my dating tips for guys blog and I have a website, YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter but it is important you limit yourself on technology.

Why?  You must be a MYSTERY and CHALLENGE if you want to have success with her.  If you spend all your time texting, tweeting or sharing Vine videos with her then you are just burning yourself out in her mind.

It’s like when the WIMPUS AMERICANUS guys of the past spent hours talking on the phone only to realize she was BORED with them on the actual dates as she knew too much about them.

Women roll different – they want to get to know you SLOWLY – even if they protest that fact.  When you give them too much too soon then it’s easy for them to say “here’s another one I’ve got in my pocket.”  Of course they don’t say that outright but the results are when you get the “let’s be friends” speech from a girl that only weeks before couldn’t wait to give you her work number, home number and cell number.

It’s easier than ever for them to get information on you and in the relationship dating education course I teach you MUST BE A MYSTERY AND CHALLENGE if you want any chance.

3 Tips For Successfully Dating Women In The 21st Century#2:  What Kind Of Girl Is She?

If you think that integrity, kindness, flexibility, giving and having a sweet, supportive way about her is old-fashioned then you’re completely off base in what you should be looking for. I wrote an article in my popular book Mastery IV where I detailed whether or not I was “lost in the fifties” because I wanted her to have the things I just mentioned (and no, being “lost in the fifties” is not a bad thing if you read that article).

Guy, if you’re going to spend years, if not decades with her, you better make sure she has the qualities above – and women like that still exist.  You can’t settle for anything less because it’s better to be alone than to be with a life partner that is a nasty, taking, selfish person.

3 Tips For Successfully Dating Women In The 21st Century#3:  What Kind Of Guy Are You?

By the same token if you want to have a kind-hearted giving woman with integrity then you better be a guy that gives her respect, affection and romance – just not right away.  Okay, give her respect always but as far as romancing her or giving her too much affection keep MYSTERY and CHALLENGE in mind.

YES – she wants you to be romantic and affectionate – just not too soon!  I remember a story where a woman told me on the FIRST DATE he was trying to kiss her and put his arm around her and guess what?  He was OUT soon after.

She does want your attention but not until she’s comfortable.  Remember how I said women move SLOWLY?  You’re going to move even SLOWER and drive her crazy enough to come at you wanting more of your time because you’re smart enough to hold back.

Always keep in mind that she holds the REJECTION CARD and can pull it out at any time.  You will flip the tables on her because it’s impossible for her to REJECT you when she’s coming at you asking to see you because you’ve pulled a disappearing act on her.

Let me train you and you’ll see how to accomplish the above in no time at all!

If you want more dating advice go ahead and take an instant 7-day FREE trial to my hyper-popular Doc Love Club.  When you take that 7-day FREE Trial  you’ll have access to over 90 hours of audio and more articles like this but for members only!  As a special BONUS I’ll give you 8 FREE CHAPTERS to my SYSTEM AUDIO BOOK as a thanks for test driving The Doc Love Club.

What do YOU think?  Don’t be shy – let me know below!

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How To Tell If A Girl Likes You – Three Foolproof Ways

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You - Three Foolproof WaysEver hear this BRAINWASHING?
“You have to chase her.”

“Women play hard to get.”

“Just keep trying and you’ll win her over.”


 Those are popular but false statements that keep good guys like you running over and over again into brick walls with women you have ZERO chance with.

You want to know how to tell if a girl likes you?  Read the 3 foolproof ways that I teach in my dating and relationship education course called THE SYSTEM

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You - Three Foolproof Ways#1: Women Help You When They Like You
Let me tell you how a woman acts when she really likes you:

*Her body language has her leaning in toward you

*She asks you personal questions

*Her eyes are lit up as she’s talking to you

*It’s easy to talk to her

*She touches you – such as brushing your arm or leg as she laughs – at least once but usually multiple times

*You get no hesitation when asking for her number

*She doesn’t look away and give you one word answers to your questions

Gut feeling guys – don’t stop listening to the little voice inside you.  You know when a woman is into you – but sometimes you feel so strongly about a girl you really like that you try to project your INTEREST LEVEL on her.  You really want the girl you like to demonstrate the above and she doesn’t – so you make excuses as you try to grasp at straws hoping she’ll be into you – but remember this:


How To Tell If A Girl Likes You - Three Foolproof Ways#2: They Don’t Break Dates
Broken date = no chance.

Think about the women you REALLY LIKE – you know the ones that you can’t stop thinking about once you got her number.  Have you broken any of those dates?  Did you just decide a few hours before that she wasn’t for you?

I’m not talking about the girls that you were half into – I’m talking about the ones that had that immediate lump in the throat/your brain screams “who is THAT” feeling.

Have you broken dates with those women or were you counting the hours and then the minutes until you could pick them up?

It would take a catastrophe for you to miss the date with her and even then you’d probably try to reschedule during the ambulance ride.  If she doesn’t have the same feeling for you then FORGET IT.  Why would you want to waste your time and money on a girl that isn’t anticipating going out with you as much as you are her?

“Women are different Doc, ” you might say.


They’re just like us – they get strong feelings for guys just like we get them for ladies – ever seen a bunch of them at a concert as they’re watching a hot singer?  Yeah, so don’t tell me that they can’t act just like we do!

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You - Three Foolproof Ways#3: She’s Totally Focused On You

When you are on a date you might as well be the only person in the room because if she really likes you that’s how it will seem to you.  If you have to drag conversation out of her as she is looking more and more bored then you should forget it.

I would think that’s obvious to a lot of guys but sadly it’s not.  Again, with the BRAINWASHING in our society when it comes to dating women guys think that all they have to do is try harder and pursue more.

I’m going back to point #1 because it’s important.  If you don’t remember anything else from this article remember this:


If you want more dating advice go ahead and take an instant 7-day FREE trial to my hyper-popular Doc Love Club.  When you take that 7-day FREE Trial  you’ll have access to over 90 hours of audio and more articles like this but for members only!  As a special BONUS I’ll give you 8 FREE CHAPTERS to my SYSTEM AUDIO BOOK as a thanks for test driving The Doc Love Club.

What do YOU think?  Don’t be shy – talk to me below.

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3 Great Pieces of Dating Advice From Men – FOR MEN

3 Great Pieces of Dating Advice From Men - FOR MENI’m not knocking the female gender but when it comes to giving dating advice many of them fall short of the mark because a lot of times women themselves don’t even know how they operate within dating/relationships.

You hear many female relationship coaches tell you that you shouldn’t give up if you want her, give her more flowers or gifts in general, be sensitive, give her lots of attention and compliments etc., etc. – I know you’ve heard the BRAINWASHING that gets you beat up in the real world of dating over and over again.  You see what they miss is the fact that it’s the FEMALE INTEREST LEVEL that counts – I’m the only one in the world with that concept.

INTEREST LEVEL is a degree of love – 49% or lower and you’re out – 51% or higher and you have a chance – all the way up to 100% which is true she’ll sell all her possessions to move out of the country with you.

Many of the things they speak of – gifts, sensitivity, being there for her are fine after you have TIME in with her and that her INTEREST LEVEL is in the 80’s and soaring.  Many guys try to give up the farm on the first couple dates overwhelming her with gifts, attention, compliments and it’s too much too soon.

The dating advice you receive is from men – specifically thousands of them that have written YOU CHANGED MY LIFE LETTERS and have helped me mold my dating course called THE SYSTEM (of course I’ve interviewed over 10,000 women as well – I truly teach men what I learned from women and then as guys go out and put my principles into practice THE SYSTEM grows and has been for over 30 years now).

I really come at this from a guy’s point of view and give you REAL TALK that won’t get you crushed on the street.  Of course there are women giving good advice just as there are men giving bad advice – one of the frequent targets of sub-standard dating advice for men is from Men’s Health – you’d think they’d be helping guys but I frequently feature their stuff on my dating women radio show. However, there is no other relationship coach I know of that puts it all together like me – so enjoy the 3 pieces of advice below – they will really help you out there against the dating realities you’re up against.

#1:  Stop Over-Complimenting
She has known since a young age that her looks are appealing to the opposite sex and it’s BORING to her to hear how beautiful she is over and over again.  She gets it.  Don’t do it.

You might change tactics and say “Okay Doc, I’ll compliment her on her mind.”  That won’t work either.  Let’s say that you’re out with her on the first date and are telling her how smart she is, how engaging she is, or some other tactic designed to say something nice about her besides her looks.  She’ll sniff you out as a PHONY quickly.  Why?  Because she knows she’s a complete stranger to her so how are you supposed to know anything about her intellect and personality in the first couple of hours?  You can’t and she knows it.

The better approach is to tell her she looks nice when you pick her up (even if she doesn’t) and tell her you had a fun time (even if you didn’t) when you drop her off.

Let’s put it another way – if over-complimenting really worked why don’t you see guys just wandering around throwing down compliments every 5 minutes to women they’re interested in? The more the better, right?  It just doesn’t work guys, forget it.

3 Great Pieces of Dating Advice From Men - FOR MEN#2:  Treat Her Like A Stranger

Of course you want to be respectful and make sure she has a fun time but just because you’re super-attracted to her doesn’t mean that she’s the girl of your dreams.  I know in our Snap Chat/tweeting/here’s what I had for breakfast status update world that it’s easy to think that everything should be instant – but that will never include dating and relationships.

I love technology but it has given us a false sense that everything is fast and whirlwind – it’s not.  You have to really get to know her.  I have guys call my dating women radio show  and they’ll tell me how much integrity the new girl in their life has – or how fun she is – or how intelligent she is.  I then ask how many times they’ve been out with her and in many cases it’s less than 5 dates!

I teach in THE SYSTEM (which you can think of as a relationship dating education course) that you need at least 10 dates with NO RED FLAGS to start considering whether or not she can be your girlfriend or not – if you are less than 2 months/10 dates in you know NOTHING about her.

Your job in the first 10 dates is to understand she’s a stranger that you’re getting to know SLOWLY – and to never overrate anything you *think* she’s doing or how she is.  You really don’t know.

3 Great Pieces of Dating Advice From Men - FOR MEN#3:  Girls Just Want To Have Fun
You might have to use that Google thing for this as this song was from the 80’s but Cyndi Lauper sang a perfect song (Girls Just Want To Have Fun) to sum up how you should approach dating women – remember they just want to have fun!

They don’t care about:

*Your nasty divorce
*The hamster that ran away when you were 7
*Hearing about your toys
*How you get angry sometimes
*Your opinion of the next Presidential Election
*How you plan to rise up the corporate ladder

Keep this phrase in mind:  “Keep it light, keep it funny, no heavy subjects, no put downs.”

You are on a date – make sure to make her laugh and make her want another date.  It’s pretty tough to make her your girlfriend if you can’t make it from date 5 to 6, right?  The object of all of this is to keep her wanting more because if she’s having a tremendous time with you and keeps wishing that the dates would be longer and more frequent with you then she’s not going to pull out the dreaded “let’s be friends” speech.

During this whole time you’ll be vetting her of course.  Is she FLEXIBLE and GIVING or is she STRUCTURED and a TAKER.  Are there things you can’t deal with over the long term (IE, she smokes and you don’t like smoking), does she have integrity, is she kind?  All of these things you have to look for because it’s strange how date 1 can turn into 40 years – it’s important to really get to know her and that can only happen SLOWLY over time.

Get INSTANT Freebies from me
I know I talked about going SLOW but that’s just for dating . If you want more dating advice go ahead and take an instant 7-day FREE trial to my hyper-popular Doc Love Club.  When you take that 7-day FREE Trial  you’ll have access to over 90 hours of audio and more articles like this but for members only!  As a special BONUS I’ll give you 8 FREE CHAPTERS to my SYSTEM AUDIO BOOK as a thanks for test driving The Doc Love Club.

What do YOU think?  Don’t be shy – talk to me below.

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3 MUST HAVE Strategies To Be Successful In Meeting Single Women Online

Time to throw a statistic at you – about one in five relationships start online so if you’re considering meeting single women online then you aren’t alone and it’s only getting bigger.  These aren’t the newspaper personals from the dark and distant past – online dating is rapidly becoming the mode that busy single folks are using to meet other singles.

To maximize your chances in meeting and keeping Ms. Right I’ve outlined 3 strategies you can use right now so you get the maximum amount of attention for yourself.

3 MUST HAVE Strategies To Be Successful In Meeting Single Women Online#1: Hire A Pro

Forget about the selfies – forget about the bathroom pic – and don’t ever do a shirtless photo.  You want two professional shots (yes, it will cost you but it’s worth it to stand out from the other guys you’re competing against).

Professional photo one should be in business attire while the second features you in more casual clothes.  A professional photographer will make sure to put you in the best lighting, suggest clothes that bring out the best in you and help pose you for maximum results.  They are professionals at “getting your good side” so hire them and pay them.

You are up against hundreds if not thousands of other guys (depending on your city size) and with a millisecond click of the mouse she can be onto the next profile.  Make sure yours stands out and you put your best foot forward so that she stops and thinks “who’s that?”

3 MUST HAVE Strategies To Be Successful In Meeting Single Women Online#2: Hold Things Back

When I’m giving dating and relationship advice to men via my website and books I always tell them to be a MYSTERY – in other words don’t let everything about yourself hang out there. Getting two professional photographs is only half the battle – you have to then say enough on your profile to interest her without giving her the world.  Remember, you’re a mouse click from failure so don’t give her a reason to click to the next guy and forget you.

Don’t ever talk about negatives – she doesn’t care that you couldn’t get the parakeet to say your name when you were five.  Don’t write a book – if it looks like it’s going to be too much for her to read then she probably won’t read it – get to your point quickly.  Don’t write a laundry list of what you’re looking for and never brag.  Really you should write something along these lines:

I’m looking for a self-reliant woman that would like to get to know me slowly over coffee – I promise to make you laugh a few times, I won’t text you 10,000,000 times after our first meeting and I understand the concept of opening your door.

You see where I’m building this?  You want her to be attracted to you via your great photos in strategy one and then when she’s intrigued enough to read about you make sure you give her enough that she’s interested but not too much that she writes you off.

Remember this concept in online dating – NOTHING HAPPENS IN CYBERSPACE except for you to move it to the real world ASAP.  You cannot date her online and you’re not looking for an email pal – you want to move along to get her out with you as soon as you can to see if you have actual chemistry with her.

3 MUST HAVE Strategies To Be Successful In Meeting Single Women Online

#3: You Can’t Just Say Anything To Her!

All of this is great but it is likely you will be contacting the ladies yourself – although sometimes if they’re REALLY INTERESTED they contact you first – that’s always a good position to be in. Regardless your strategy should always be to make her comfortable enough to meet you – that means to:

*Never be creepy – don’t talk about sex, how hot she is, etc. etc.
*Instead, talk about her interests, what she likes, her hobbies, anything where you meet her on an intellectual level
*Don’t be afraid to be humorous with her – don’t force it but if something she says in an email or her profile strikes you as funny, go with it
*Get a meeting with her after about 3-4 emails back and forth – and don’t email her continuously for weeks on end – you need to move this to the real world ASAP

The bottom line is that you want to get her comfortable enough with you to meet you for coffee or a drink – and always be very respectful when asking.  You don’t ever want to creep her out because again, you’re a mouse click from getting flushed!

 After building some rapport with her be direct when asking to meet her:

 Let’s see if we have real world chemistry – you open to meeting for an hour at <NAME POPULAR COFFEE SHOP/RESTAURANT/BAR HERE – SOMETHING EVERYONE IN YOUR TOWN KNOWS AND IS COMFORTABLE WITH>.  I promise to make you laugh a few times!

If she doesn’t want to meet, freaks out, makes an excuse then get used to saying the word NEXT in your head – just as there are hundreds if not thousands of guys that YOU’RE up against you have to flip the script and think “she’s up against hundreds if not thousands of other women vying for MY attention.”

If you employ the strategies above you’ll be that much closer to meeting and keeping Ms. Right

If you want more dating advice go ahead and take an instant 7-day FREE trial to my hyper-popular Doc Love Club.  When you take that 7-day FREE Trial  you’ll have access to over 90 hours of audio and more articles like this but for members only!  As a special BONUS I’ll give you 8 FREE CHAPTERS to my SYSTEM AUDIO BOOK as a thanks for test driving The Doc Love Club.

What do YOU think?  Don’t be shy – talk to me below.

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Three Great Ways To Meet Single Women Free NOW

Looking to meet single women free?  I have 3 great strategies for you but keep in mind that while you can MEET her for free you can’t keep her without spending a little dough.  Dating can be expensive but don’t worry, I have a solution for you to cut your costs in dating that’s truly free at the end of the article.

Three Great Ways To Meet Single Women Free NOW#1: There’s Love On The WWW

Dating websites that are free like Plenty of Fish or the Smartphone app Tinder offer no cost platforms to meet tons of single ladies – and I’m sure if you dig around you can find more – but those are two of the more popular ones that I hear guys talking about.  Depending on your city size there are hundreds if not thousands of eligible females waiting for you virtually and you don’t have to guess if they’re looking for a guy or not because most of them consciously put their information on the Plenty of Fish or Tinder because they’re single and looking.

The drawback to these “freebie” dating platforms is the volume of guys that can send messages – and women generally get more messages than guys anyway – so you are up against any dude that has a computer and/or a Smartphone like yourself!  If you want to stand out from the other men then get some dating and relationship advice from me that has changed the lives of thousands around the world.

Three Great Ways To Meet Single Women Free NOW#2:  Get Out & Learn Something

There are a ton of free events and seminars in your town so cruise around and look for them – plus the bonus is that you’ll probably learn something you’re interested in.  It could be a free outdoor concert, wandering around a free day at the museum, a seminar at a college, etc. – there are just a ton of events going on anymore and you should take advantage of these because most likely women will be in attendance.

The nice thing is that if you truly have an interest in whatever is going on at the event there is already commonality that you can use to strike up a conversation.  I always teach guys in my dating and relationship education course that it is much better to be in an environment that’s non-threatening and have things to talk about – such as a wedding – where people’s guards are down and you can meet in a non-pressure way.

The bonus if you start dating her?  You’ll be able to go to more events like the one you met at and have some built in date ideas!

Three Great Ways To Meet Single Women Free NOW#3: Love At The Oil Change Place?

Look around – there are women everywhere!  Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation at the bank, grocery store, or while you’re waiting for your oil to get changed.  Make sure, however, to talk naturally with her though.  I would give you the same advice that I did in strategy two where you try to talk about something you have in common – except instead of speaking about the presentation you just heard, you’ll bring up something related to the environment you’re in.

For example, say your both in the waiting area at the oil change place and it’s taking a long time for your cars to get done or some guy was acting goofy at the counter or the weekend is supposed to be nice in your city – whatever – just find something that makes sense as to what’s going on around you at that moment.

Remember not to be creepy! You’re not going to strike up a conversation to talk about her body parts or how attractive you find her or anything else that puts pressure on her as if you’re trying to get a date with her. YES, I know that’s what you’re trying to do but just come at her naturally with the conversation – if she really likes you and is not hooked up she’ll be amiable to your charms – if not it was just a 5 minute conversation before you paid for your oil change – no biggie!

Guys these days think you have to spend a ton of money on dating and I’m here to tell you that you need to follow a strategy so that you truly make sure she’s interested before pulling out your Visa Card for the Surf & Turf.  If you take my 7-day free trial at the hyper-popular Doc Love Club that gets you over 90 hours of audio and articles for members only then you’ll see that by following MY SYSTEM you will weed out the time wasters that want to burn your money and only spend your precious money and time on Ms. Right.  Not sure what my SYSTEM is?  That’s okay – when you take the 7-day free trial you’ll get 8 FREE chapters (out of 176) to my SYSTEM Audio Book – and it’s all FREE!

What do YOU think?  Don’t be shy – talk to me below.

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Three Must Have Tips On Dating Women!

The world of dating is confusing to a lot of guys – and most of you are pretty good at it but you could use some tweaks.  Hey, even a plane flying cross country has to keep making adjustments so that it doesn’t take a bunch of folks looking to enjoy a Vegas Vacation and end up depositing them somewhere in Oregon.

What are the adjustments you need to make so that you end up as her boyfriend (and more) instead of getting the dreaded “let’s just be friends” speech -and doesn’t that USUALLY happen after you’ve dinged your Visa to the point that Morgan Freeman shows up on your doorstep and thanks you for buying enough to extend his commercial contract another few years!

THREE MUST HAVE TIPS ON DATING WOMEN#1:  Man, It Doesn’t Matter How You Feel

Pretty callous right?  I don’t care how you feel guy – we’re men and our feelings don’t count when it comes to dating women.  Why?  It’s assumed that you’re not an idiot and that you actually asked a girl out that you like and it doesn’t matter how much you like her.  Many men project their own feelings onto the lady assuming that since they like her so much she will like you back equally – but it doesn’t work that way.

Welcome to the concept of FEMALE INTEREST LEVEL.  INTEREST LEVEL itself is a degree of love – anything below 50% is the “let’s be friends” speech and 100% is her robbing banks for you (not really but you get the point).

Again, I assume your INTEREST LEVEL is high so what matters is her INTEREST LEVEL – you have to be able to look for signs that she has at least 51% INTEREST LEVEL in you (which I teach guys to do in what you could call my “relationship dating education course” called THE SYSTEM).

If HER INTEREST LEVEL isn’t 51% or higher then you have no shot and Mr. Freeman is warming up his golden pipes in anticipation of all the money you’ll waste on his employer.


If going rapidly in dating really worked then why not wander up to women on the street with a ring in your pocket bending down on one knee to the first girl that locks eyes with you.  Try that a few times and then when you get sick of having the sheriff haul you off then I have a better idea for you.

Listen, I’m being ridiculous up there to make a point – guys these days roll so FAST.  I think it’s because of our go-go-go-GOOOOOOOOOOO  society where your updates come to you in 6 second videos or 140 characters – we’re used to instantaneously getting – well, pretty much EVERYTHING.

However, the “mating dance” hasn’t changed in thousands of years – so be aware of what she needs and your role in it.

What is the “mating dance” I refer to?  The female of the species has being getting pursued by the male of the species forever and holds the REJECTION CARD.  You know the one where she either outright tells you no or “just can’t see you until the Cleveland Browns win a Super Bowl” (in other words – a LONG TIME).

When you think about it, that REJECTION CARD can appear any time – from the time you get the courage to walk up to her, to calling her, to setting a date, to picking her up, and then rinsing and repeating – at any time during that period she can just say TIME OUT – YOU’RE OUT.  Why?  Because you’re always ASKING!




She’s like one of those old time stereotypical CEO’s in those grainy black and white movies where the worker is coming to beg for a penny a year raise and gets glared at – she can flush you at anytime.

Before you pull your hair out or explode – I have a solution to this – YOU FLIP THE SCRIPT ON HER.  MOST EVERY GUY calls within a day or two (sometimes an hour or two) so you wait 5-9 days and do many other things that I teach that will set you apart from all the other guys just waiting to have a rejection card dropped on them like your average NFL DB is looking for the flag after he looks at a WR the wrong way.

The bottom line is you blunt THE REJECTION CARD by going in slower than the other guys and being a bit of a mystery to her because no other guy does that.

THREE MUST HAVE TIPS ON DATING WOMEN#3: You Don’t Owe Her Anything But Fun & Respect

I could break this tip down to the don’ts – namely DON’T talk about your problems, DON’T talk about your exes, DON’T talk about the trike that broke when you were 3 (and caused you to be in therapy until your teenage acne attack caused more angst), DON’T stare at the waitresses….ANYTHING (even if she is hotter than your date), DON’T ask for the next date during the date, DON’T talk about the future, DON’T reveal how much you like her, DON’T dominate the conversation (let her talk mostly), DON’T let the date go on too long (let her want more) and DON’T put your mitts on her or get in her space.

All you care about is that she laughs a lot, feels respected and is hungry for another date with you because she can’t quite figure you out or where you’re coming from.  She’s pretty must used to guys tripping over themselves trying to make her the girlfriend and you’re going to be different – YOU’RE GOING TO BE A MYSTERY AND A CHALLENGE if you allow me to train you.

You went this far so you might as well get a 7-day free trial to my hyper popular Doc Love Club that gives you way more than 3 tips on dating women.  In fact, I have over 90 hours of audio on there, articles like this for members only and just for test driving your 7-day free trial I’ll give you 8 free chapters to my SYSTEM AUDIO BOOK – which is THE SYSTEM I refer to above but inaudio format.  How about that?  A 7-day free trial that comes with 8 out of the 176 chapters you get in the audio book and none of this costs a dime?  I’d take advantage of it if I were you!

What do YOU think?  Don’t be shy – talk to me below.

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“Why Can’t I Find A Girlfriend?” 3 Possible Reasons Why

"Why Can't I Find A Girlfriend?" 3 Possible Reasons WhyIf you ever asked yourself the question “why can’t I find a girlfriend” then you are asking something many guys have grappled with but the key is to not let it paralyze you.  If you let it your brain will come up with all sorts of negative reasons why.  If you ask that question and then start to answer “Because I’m too <fat, skinny, tall, short, smart, dumb, etc., etc.>” then you’ve already set yourself up for failure.

The better thing to do is start with YOU – finding a girlfriend doesn’t begin with her – it is all about what you bring to the table.  I teach guys that they have to be the type of guy she wants to be with – in other words you attract what you become.

Keeping that in mind, here are 3 possible reasons why you’re struggling:

"Why Can't I Find A Girlfriend?" 3 Possible Reasons Why#1:  You Don’t Pay Enough Attention To The Image You Present

If you want a classy lady you can go long-term with you have to be a classy guy.  Yes, yes, I know you’ve seen beautiful women with what you consider to be dirtbags but take that out of your skull – you have no idea what goes on behind closed doors in their relationship and just because she’s beautiful and articulate doesn’t mean she isn’t a dirtbag either.  I teach guys to look for FLEXIBLE GIVERS THAT ARE KIND AND GENTLE (you can get more in my relationship advice column weekly found on my blog).

If you want to attract a lady like that pay attention to your teeth (FIX THEM if they’re bad), your clothes, and the way you groom yourself (growing a forest out of your nose? get out the chainsaw – err, nose clippers).

Beyond your physical appearance do you pay attention to the way you speak to women?  Do you have a light and funny demeanor or are you Mr. Serious or even Mr. Angry?  Remember that she’ll be attracted to the way you look (so look the best you can) but also if you’re what SHE considers a DIRTBAG then you have no shot.

"Why Can't I Find A Girlfriend?" 3 Possible Reasons Why#2:  You’re Too Needy (Or Too Macho)

FLEXIBLE GIVERS don’t want a guy up in their grills (texting her 3 minutes after you get her number, sending flowers the next day, calling all the time) nor do they want a caveman that thinks he owns her.  Women want a GENTLEMAN – the perfect mix of Mr. Sensitive and Mr. Cro-Magnon.  You also have to learn how to be a CHALLENGE because women, whether they like to admit it or not, love the chase.

#3:  You Start Out Strong And Finish Weak

Everything was going GREAT for the first few months or so and then bam – once again you’re out in the cold.  Why?  In many cases it’s because the guy thinks he can relax once he’s got her. First of all UNTIL SHE’S YOUR GIRLFRIEND COUNT ON NOTHING WHEN IT COMES TO HER.  I don’t care if you’ve had 8 dates with her and you think she’s the greatest thing going since the networks decided to show football nearly all week long – she is a STRANGER until you really vet her out.

I see so many guys OVERRATE her feelings towards them just because they’re attracted to her and she *seems* like a good girl.  I teach guys to go SLOWLY and really make sure she has long-term potential.

Assuming that you found a long-term potential candidate – and I assure you that if you’re reading my materials for the first time your definition of what constitutes long-term potential is much different from mine (due to all the brainwashing in your head from the major media and Hollywood) – don’t veer from what got her.

So many guys start out one way with the girl and think they can “relax and be themselves” once she’s showing signs of being into you (or if she’s your girlfriend).


Remember this – ROMANTIC LOVE IS CONDITIONAL – if you want her long-term you must start out strong and stay strong – for, say, about 40 years (or however long you’re together).

I Want To Know More!
Of course you do!  So, you should take my 7-day FREE trial to The Doc Love Club because I’ll teach you what kind of girl to look for and how to keep the right one.  You get over 90 hours of audio and weekly articles for members only (and more!).  Take your 7-day FREE trial NOW (plus I’ll give you EIGHT FREE CHAPTERS to my hyper popular SYSTEM AUDIO BOOK just for test driving this).

What do YOU think?  Don’t be shy – talk to me below.

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